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Q1: How Many NFTs is Issued?
There are a total of 3,000 NFTs
  • Founder 700
  • Community Contributor 100
  • Private 1,200
  • Whitelist 750
  • Public 250
Founder NFTs are vested for 12 months.
Q2: How much profit does the Weed Farm can make each year?
From our financial projections, each year we generate arond 2.5mill usd profit per year.
Q3: How much profit are shared with the DAO Memeber?
Our model is designed to balance project growth and DAO memebers personal benefits.
Therefore intially the model will be 50% with shared with all DAO memeber (NFT Holders) and 50% towards the DAO Fund.
We are also welcome our community memeber to submit proposal in the future to adjust the ratios.
Q4: How often the airdrop or yeild gets pay out?
WeWeed will pay out yield every 3 months.
Q5: Is this legal?
Yes, we are 100% legal to farm and sell Cannabis in Thailand.