Backers and Partners List


Capa Jet welcomes you to the world of the ultimate bespoke travel. CapaJet offers the paramount flying experience with no request out of reach, whether its your favorite entrée or that hard to reach destination, CapaJet tailors each and every flight to ensure an exclusively personal experience. With its Worldwide reach Capa Jet is able to deliver an Efficient, Complete, Reliable and Customer Focused service which you demand.


Quantech is a leader in Software services in Asia, assisting clients in the launch of products and services with top software solutions and technology. We offer a wide range of services to help you reach out to your target audience, discovering who your potential customers are and how you can get their attention.


TIMES CAPITAL is a blockchain-related investment and asset management institution. TIMES CAPITAL is a pioneer in shaping the future FinTech industry. We provide the most comprehensive blockchain development and consulting services.

SnapEx Ventures

SnapEx Ventures is venture arm of the Snapex Group. SnapEx offers the best trading experience for new and professional traders. Join us to create the best investment portfolio with over 1,000,000 first class traders.

MSL Group Ventures

MSL Group is an early-stage crypto prop fund devoted to support projects, protocols, networks and DAOs in a decentralized future.

We are founders led, leveraging our relationships, experience to help support and guide our portfolio projects, maximizing their chances of success.

We invest in great ideas - but great ideas are not enough without proper execution. We have empowered teams to build expertise, challenge the status quo and bring their ideas to life. We are a prop trading group always looking for opportunities to grow and bring new expertise into our firm. We continue to expand across strategies, and asset classes in pursuit of durable, diversified returns. We believe in a decentralized future.

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