WeWeed Club is a place for all the WeWeed members to enjoy Cannabis Together. It will be located in the heart of Bangkok, at a prestigious location. WeWeed Club experience is a perfect marriage between tradition and modernity where the world of exciting contemporary Cannabis meets with a beautiful setting of SouthEast Asia Culture. We focus on creating a one-of-a-kind therapy experience which showcases the modern relevance of Marijuana usage.

Benefits for WeWeed Memeber:

  1. Private events(By Invitation)

  2. Farm to Table Experience

  3. Private Jet Experience

Private Events

WeWeed shall host regular Private Events for our members and friends. Weed can enhance the experience and offer new insights. Consider how cannabis offers a number of useful tools, including clearing the mind. Inside our brains you will find cannabinoid receptors that correlate with our behaviour, thoughts, and mood. When allowing the cannabinoids found in cannabis to interact with those in our brain, it will result in a sense of relaxation. Consult with your medical marijuana dispensary for a deeply relaxing cannabis strain, which will give strength to control your mind while experiencing a full-body clarity.

Farm to Table Experience

Celebrating fresh ingredients and locally sourced produce, our Farm-To-Table dining experiences are simply something you will never forget. From seeding, cultivation and harvesting, these memorable blazing will leave you both satisfied and inspired. More than just sampling excellent quality, they offer a connection to the communities that you visit and reflect the true flavours of the region.

Private Jet Experience (To Be Confirmed)

We are in discussion with one of the largest Private Jet companies in Asia.

Here are some of the popular Cannabis Cafe in Bangkok (Photo taken by our Team member).

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